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Sep 30, 2016 at 10:11 am

I’ve been a constant user of PasteAsFile since 2012 (when it still was freeware) and ALWAYS make it one of the first applications I install on my Windows machines. When I truly understood what it is and, correspondingly, what it is not, I found it to be a really convenient, almost indispensable addition to Windows Explorer. So did Martin Brinkman:
For me, the single most useful feature is PAF’s ability to “accurately” reproduce most HTML pages. For example, I want to preserve two reviews preceding my own and put them in the same folder in which today’s freebie’s installer is saved. With PAF, I can simply highlight/select the desired text and images (in this case, Dennis Nelson’s and Melvin Sync’s avatars) and copy same to my clipboard. The result can then be pasted in any folder in a host of formats, including HTML — with all text, images, hyper-links and formatting preserved, usually extremely accurately if not perfectly.
I find PAF indispensable for “clipping” articles from the dozens of online magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc., that I read daily. If you follow the recommendation of the publisher and also choose to install Nirsofer’s NirCMD, you make this process even easier.
I find the documentation and help resources are more than adequate in getting the most from this really cool application.
My only complaint is that (perhaps since I also have another clipboard utility, Ditto, running in the background) PasteAsFile will sometimes paste HTML as coded text, rather than the web-display I intended. However, simply re-pasting the contents of the clipboard usually clears the glitch.
I highly recommend giving this neat, little application a thorough workout. -jmjsquared

Taken from: Freeware Genius

Other than that there’s not much to say about PasteAsFile, a brilliant idea that is well implemented. It works on Win XP and higher and happily it installed right click context menu on our 64bit system.

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