What can you use PasteAsFile for...?

When you research any topic on the Internet you may want to copy various parts of text and paste them into a file for further research. PasteAsFile is ideal for this, you can copy any internet information (including pictures) and then paste into a file for further reference.

Perhaps you want to copy snippets of web pages and save as separate files. Just copy the text from the website and PasteAsFile using HTML as the format. The formatting will be retained along with the HTML coding for the snippet.

This example uses Windows 10/11 which needs an additional step of selecting 'Show more options' to access the PasteAsFile option.

If you want to copy an image and then save in a different format - PasteAsFile comes to the rescue. Just copy the image (right click / Copy) then PasteAsFile and chose a different image format.