Paste As File

Paste (and optionally convert) ANY content that's on your “Windows Clipboard” to a FILE! Just a right-click of your mouse in a folder and the file is created… and a lot more!

Paste ANY content that's on your Windows ClipBoard to a file.

Simply copy anything onto the clipboard, go to your preferred folder / directory, right click your mouse and Paste As File to create a file - simple as that!

The created file can be: txt, pdf, html, rtf (formatted), jpg, pcx, png, bmp, tga, gif, tif, php plus many more.

This is the official site for the “Paste As File” Windows Utility
There are many other sites with hacked versions of this useful Windows utility; do not use those sites as they are not supported.
Description: Paste As File is a Windows app to paste the contents of the clipboard to a new file in the designated folder. Paste as file uses the context menu within windows explorer. It can paste the windows clipboard content in many formats such as a text file, RTF file, PDF file, or image file based on the contents of the clipboard. Supported image formats are jpg, pcx, png, bmp, tga, gif, tif and PDF.

New In V5 you can now paste FILES copied to the clipboard to ZIP or 7z archives, list the files to a TEXT file with details and copy the files to a sub folder. See help file for details.

You can paste as a plain text file just by changing the extension. If you want to paste to a HTML file, just change the extension to HTML.

Use it for easy copying of HTML, PHP, and CSS just to name a few.

Notice: Windows XP will have the menu item on the folder context menu, not the background menu.

Paste As File has a 15 day trial. After the trial it must be registered to continue use.

Current Version: (20180913)

Requirements: Windows XP or higher. (Java for clipboard image to pdf file support).


  • Supports PASTING most file types
    • Plain text
    • RTF files
    • Create PDF files Automatically!
    • … and most image files - jpg, pcx, png, bmp, tga, gif, tif, and pdf
  • Works seamlessly with all Windows versions
  • Just Copy anything, go to your folder/directory, right-click and “paste as file”
  • Create a ZIP or 7z archive
  • Use for researching articles and content from the web - you can select, copy and paste as formatted HTML
  • Save a list of copied files with details to a text file
  • Copy the files in the clipboard to a sub folder
  • Clipboard saver - Using an external freeware application called NIRCMD you can copy data to the clipboard and then use PAF as normal and when the main window is open you can then copy and paste text into the File Name box. When you press OK the original contents are restored and pasted as normal. NIRCMD is not needed for normal use and is optional. If you do want to use it, please download NIRCMD and place the nircmd.exe in the install folder of PAF (Usually c:\Program Files\PasteAsFile).

Video 'Paste As File' Windows Utility

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